“[…] why anarchism cannot work…”

“[…] why anarchism cannot work…”

April 2, 2021 0 By Anton

All that you read here are my thoughts.

01 March 2021

“My work reflects what I see in the world, but I choose where I look”.

“Awareness of an instinct transforms that behaviour into a choice”.

“I don’t get this obsession with the future. ‘Look ahead, create your future, hope for a better tomorrow’ – what? Look clearer and you’ll see it: in the future, at the very end of that better tomorrow, it is only death. Thinking about the future is thinking about death. Don’t you contemplate about tomorrow as if it will last forever? Because of this, when death comes, it’s a tragedy, when it should be a cause for celebration that the better tomorrow has finally arrived”.

03 March 2021

“I now understand why anarchism cannot work: how many in civil society can grasp what a true opposition to order looks like, in both theory and practice? The absence of structures, the end of all prisons.

Most anarchists I met are either on the left or on the right: how can this be? It’s simple: they are not anarchists, they just want to use the means of anarchism to gain political power for their left-wing or right-wing ideas. In other words, they take a stand against the current order only with the (hidden) desire to create a new order, one built in their own image. A true anarchist has no allegiance with any ideology or party. A true anarchist only wants one thing: freedom for the individual, even if this means the end of all orders”.

“This planet has too many problems. Most of them start with us”.

04 March 2021

“The morality of the rich must be meritocracy”.

“Use generalisation with great care. Its power to create the illusion of solid analysis may conceal inner demons of weakness and self-pity”.

05 March 2021

“The future is Death and the road to that point is decay. Through Beauty this processes transforms from decay into entropy, and Death no longer becomes and end point but a door to the Universe”.

“The path of normality is one of uniformity, complacency and obedience which leads to the corruption and, ultimately, the destruction of the individual. To be normal is to be domesticated. To be who you are – which will always be a freak in the eyes of society – is to go against normality to some extent. If that extent may be a complete opposition to what is deemed normal, so be it. Better to be wild and free than normal and domesticated”.

06 March 2021

“Aesthetics without values [to back them] is a sign of spiritual decay”.

07 March 2021

“Words: I can run ahead of time with them. A few days, years or millennia”.

08 March 2021

“Everything that politics touch immediately rots. Avoid ideology at all costs”.

09 March 2021

“The greatest injustice is to exist, for we all are born without a choice.”

12 March 2021

“In times of peace and prosperity, radical views are seen as dangerous: they are a threat to the current order. But when things begin to rot and chaos re-emerges, radical views can become attractive solutions. That’s when the real power of ideas can be seen”.

14 March 2021

“The cost of comfort is a weak mind and a lack of character”.

18 March 2021

“Two men fight in the same war. Both slaughter and mutilate others. They are both called in a court of justice. One is handed a medal, one a death penalty. The former won the war, while the latter lost it. Heroes always win the war, and criminals always lose it”.

26 March 2021

“As if it’s not enough that life is a journey of inevitable decay, along the way, you have to deal with shitheads that vehemently believe that they know better how you should walk this path of putrefaction and broken dreams. Often they will try and force you on walking at a certain speed or in a certain way. When you meet such people, tell them to fuck off. The good part however, it’s that along the way you also meet people who understand that the only thing we all can do that is just is to let others live their lives as they see fit”.

28 March 2021

“If the cultural, economic and political institutions on which the current social order rests are too big, they inevitable lead to the enslavement of the individual: one becomes another cog in a giant, impersonal machine. But communities of individuals, built to reflect their constituents can be venues of improving the individual, assisting him or her on the path towards personal enlightenment. Such communities understand the need for solitude, for adventure and for freedom. Therefore, not all societies are detrimental to the individual”.

“I try to be moderate, but it collapses into nothing or everything”.

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