Soulmates, Socialism and Suffering

Soulmates, Socialism and Suffering

September 1, 2021 0 By Anton

All these ideas are my own.

03 August 2021

“The difference between fate and destiny. Fate is a random chain of events that happen outside of our control and to which we must succumb. It is an oppressive process: be that your will or not, you must deal with fate or cease to exist. However, this perspective is limited in terms of its impacts on human nature.

Destiny on the other hand is a chain of events that, although happen outside of our control, they are not random but pre-designed. While fate traps one inside its abyss of randomness that cannot be broken by free will, destiny liberates one from facing the abyss and thus, from ever needing free will.”

05 August 2021

“Difference between corporation, company and business – corporation is a legal entity primarily, company is a corporation with the culture of a business, a business is a free enterprise, more personal, that may or may not operate outside the remits of randomly created laws.”

09 August 2021

“I hold the existence of the soul to be self-evident. Without its existence, the notion of human life being invaluable, unquantifiable and morally equal cannot stand.”

10 August 2021

“There is proof that soulmates exist and the cases in which they find each other are the proof. Just because there are people who have not found their soulmates does not mean that they do not exist. Does it mean that something does not exist because one cannot or has not found it yet?  Obviously not.”

12 August 2021

“I no longer have psychological stamina to deal with those who victimise themselves under life’s own challenges: stop your lamenting and put an end to your miserable existence. Have the guts to deliver the final critique and spare the rest of us of your narrow and pathetic criticisms.”

18 August 2021

“If you think cancer is a dangerous foe that leads to permanent and lethal damage to the body, you should see what socialism does: irreparable damage to both the individual and the nation, distorting and destroying the mind and soul of people. Nothing recuperates from it.”

28 August 2021

“There is so much suffering in the world that no human being should be able to withstand it. The fact that we can shoulder it and, sometimes, thrive despite suffering, is proof of the existence of the soul.”