The Aesthetic: Between God and Misanthropy

The Aesthetic: Between God and Misanthropy

May 31, 2022 0 By Anton

All ideas are my own.

01 May 2022

“You God know. You know everything – the movements of stars and the depths of my soul. You know who and when to send in my life. You know my suffering and my lament. You know my desire for love, and You are love. How can I turn away from the Truth, when I saw it right before my eyes?”

03 May 2022

“Can we – or, can I – love man in today’s world? In the age of the aimless Babel?”

05 May 2022

“Reject religious radicalism, fanaticism and fundamentalism – such attitudes and ideas are as damaging, if not even more detrimental, to faith than secularism, nationalism, scientism, rationalism and postmodernism. Build a culture in which religion is expressed truly – purely, and for and from the heart of each individual – so that a pluralism of truth (i.e. of many paths that bring the individual closer to God, for religion is such a path) can co-exist. Reject that which damages the remedy, and that rejection starts with a careful self-analysis for it is through us – we are the gate – that ideas manifest.

As I said before: I would rather live next to a church, mosque, synagogue or temple than to a mall, office building or factory.”

07 May 2022

“A relationships is a partnership not an ownership. Thus, when one says ‘my girlfriend’, ‘my wife’, ‘my boyfriend’, or ‘my husband’ is not so much that the other person belongs to us as it is the fact that we identify the person to whom we pledge ourselves: ‘my wife’ means the woman to whom I pledge myself, to whom I offer myself; ‘my husband’ is the man to whom I pledge myself. The other person does not belong to us, we pledge ourselves to them.”

10 May 2022

“Male sexual liberation means rape. Female sexual liberation means abortion. The way of progress leads to lows below the animal kingdom, for both man and woman possess what the beasts do not: conscience.”

12 May 2022

“Is human life valuable? If the answer that came to your mind is ‘yes, it is’, then that is wrong and a by-product of the desacralized world we live in. For in a profane world, human life is valuable – economically, scientifically, politically and socially. In such a world, human life is quantifiable and qualifiable – seen in how much we spend, how we vote, were we live and so on. But in a sacred world, where God is above all, the answer to the question is ‘no, for human life is invaluable, i.e. it cannot be valued’.”

13 May 2022

“Satanists stress that God does not exist, and that is why they deny God. But one cannot deny what is not.”

14 May 2022

“What makes me so arrogant? Simple: the sheer mediocrity that surrounds me. In nature, I cannot be arrogant. But among the men of today, their ways of life justify my arrogance.”

15 May 2022

“Pascal said that an intelligent man can see the originality in each person and that the crowd, for such a smart individual, is not a herd but a gathering of interesting people. Pascal lived in a different era, because in our age, the originality of many people is to be average, to blend in, to remain hidden in the faceless crowd.”

17 May 2022

“The defence of God is the case against the divination of man.”

22 May 2022

“The more I look inside, the more I realise that freedom is a concept with which my own self has fallen in love with but which, contrary to many thinkers’ conclusions, is not common among all people. In fact, day by day, I can observe the awareness, let alone the desire for, freedom less and less in their eyes that reflect an incurable dullness.”

23 May 2022

“The Aesthetic is the total expression of the values which emanate from a particular rhythm of life. These values can be experienced in how we live, what we do, what we think and in what we believe in. On this earth, in this ephemeral life, for me, there is nothing more important than the Aesthetic. It is a matter of survival to have it express itself through me.”

25 May 2022

“Reading Dostoevsky terrified me. Why so? Because his work shows that Christianity is a religion for people who are mature in their spirituality or as, Nikolai Berdyaev said, for those with “spiritual manhood”. Why has this observation – which is true and appears so to anyone that cares to examine this most complete faith in detail – scared me so? Because the most important of all of us – the children – are not mature, not in their spirituality, not in their physical development and not in their psychological and emotional makeup.

How then is supposed for Christianity to reach the children? Christ said so everlastingly: “Let the children come to me”, but the path to Him is difficult and full of suffering for it is for those who take up their own cross and follow the Son of God. The answer lies in bringing Christ to children through the single quality which children have, and mature people (adults) do not: innocence. It is through innocence that we must show Christianity to children.”

26 May 2022

“The real enemies of Christianity are not the other major religions – Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism – for God speaks differently to people and we, Christians, cannot so arrogantly silence God’s voice just because our hearts cannot hear it in that particular way. The real enemies of Christianity are the deifications of man, like socialism, communism, fascism, nihilism, atheism and anything that makes God out of man. Christ is God-man, not man-god.”

27May 2022

“Without the love of God, the love of people cannot be sustained. To love man without loving God results in totalitarian collectivism.”

28 May 2022

“I realised that I cannot love man without at least trying to love God first. Without love of God there is either misanthropy (the hatred of human nature) or totalitarian collectivism (the end result of loving man without loving God). I am a misanthrope, and my misanthropy is boundless. It is for this reason I affirm my faith on a free conscience to acknowledge God: for me, faith was, and it will always remain so, a matter of metaphysical necessity.”

29 May 2022

“My anti-natalism comes from the realisation that most people are condemned to a dullness of which they are unaware most of the time (but which reaffirms itself through sudden bursts of strange sadness) or to a perpetual and mysterious inner catastrophe, a struggle that made God come down to Earth and save us from such a condition. And yet, despite this, man remains, through his own choices, a creature that would rather plunge head first into the abyss of existence rather than to humbly turn towards the tranquillity of eternity. Thus, why should I see the procreation of man as something to be desired, given the tragic condition of our very nature?”

30 May 2022

“The spiritual dislocation is too big and too deep. Work must be done to close the chasm, for something will eventually emerge from it and, even if it cannot be prevented to be totally inhumane, at least such work must try to provide the tools to fight it. A storm is gathering, a storm of aimlessness, a battle between the reinvention of the sacred and the continuation of the profane.”