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Western civilisation and religion in a secular age

Pietà by Michelangelo in a Secular World

Reading Time: 20 minutes Can the Western civilisation be secular? Can religion and God be replaced by manmade alternatives like humanism and socialism? This essay traces the recent polls on this matter and looks back at history to learn how the spiritual abyss of the Western world has been produced…

Why many young Westerners hate Hitler but are unsure about Stalin? | Full Report

Image of Hitler and Stalin

Reading Time: 48 minutes Orwell noted in 1944 that English intellectuals rejected Hitler at the cost of accepting Stalin. Hitler remains a symbol of evil and justly so. Stalin however, as a figure of international socialism, or communism, remains an uncertain name in the mind of many Westerns. This report explores why this is the case…

The Red in the Sky is Ours

red sunset

Reading Time: 21 minutes Veronica, a prostitute, meets her high school love in the staircase of a Soviet-looking apartment bloc. They talk about love, evil and freedom under the cold of the night…

China Today – The Economics and Geopolitics of the New National Socialists

Shanghai Skyline

Reading Time: 19 minutes How does the CCP treat its citizens and the neighbouring areas? Is the “economic miracle” really a miracle? These are some of the questions that this essay will seek to answer…

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Tree at Sunset

Reading Time: 5 minutes “[…] I will never forgive those who sold out love for their mortality.” Cherry Blossom is a short story about a man mourning the loss of his lover, a soldier who died after five years in a comma…

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