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China Today – The Economics and Geopolitics of the New National Socialists

Shanghai Skyline

Reading Time: 19 minutes How does the CCP treat its citizens and the neighbouring areas? Is the “economic miracle” really a miracle? These are some of the questions that this essay will seek to answer…

Exergy: the key to understanding this energy crisis (and those that will follow)

global energy markets green finance

Reading Time: 4 minutes Exergy is the key concept for understanding the current energy crisis and the ones that will follow. However, the mainstream analysis does not account for this important concept which…

Inflation: a simple concept with complex causes

inflation devalues money

Reading Time: 10 minutes In this essay, we will look at the complex underlying forces of inflation. The analysis focuses on Psychological factors and Non-Psychological factors (Monetary and Non-Monetary)…

Evergrande is only a small drop in an ocean of Chinese debt

evergrande debt pile

Reading Time: 6 minutes Evergrande’s liquidity problems are a symptom of a much bigger issue that China is facing: how to deal with its high level of debt without causing too much disruption to its economy or financial markets…

Falling productivity & Labour Alienation

Reading Time: 4 minutes A short blog offering an alternative view of why labour productivity has been declining – it argues that the alienation of labour from its work creates mental distress which leads to people not wanting to improve.

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