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An Important Announcement

Going forward, the purpose of this website will shift considerably. Its main focus will be to develop the dialectic of freedom, as explained by Nicholas Berdyaev in his magnificent study of Dostoevsky’s work, entitled simply Dostoevsky…

By Anton June 4, 2022 1

Why I would not make a good father

I need to understand where my anti-natalism comes from. Although I do believe that to some extent it is informed by my observations of the external reality, there is an inner aspect to it that I shall reveal here – for my own benefit primarily, but maybe others can see themselves in what I am about to related as well…

By Anton June 1, 2022 0

On Intimacy: Between Body and Soul

God is dead. So we were told. Nature is dying. So we are told. Communities are vanishing. So we are told. Where then can we find meaning? In the relationship between oneself and another person. Intimacy is key for such a relationship to develop. This essay argues this case…

By Anton April 24, 2022 0

The Brothers Karamazov: The Life, Teachings and Death of Starets Zosima, A Case Study for A Godless Society

Isaiah Berlin stressed that the Russian authors were primarily concerned with moral questions. This case study provides an insight into the moral questions related to faith and God which Dostoyevsky aimed to highlight in his magistral work, The Brothers Karamazov…

By Anton March 22, 2022 0

Religious Persecutions under Communism in Eastern Europe

A brief report onr religious persecution under communism in Eastern Europe. The publication includes a summarised but important context about the philosophical origins of the anti-religious ideas, sentiments and campaigns that the communist implement against all faiths, albeit to different extent…

By Anton March 2, 2022 0

Answering Jordan Peterson’s Question to Stephen Fry: On God and Suffering

In a conversation with Jordan Peterson, Stephen Fry focused on the issue with suffering and God, stating that like Ivan Karamazov he rejects God’s world because of the unjustified suffering of children. This is my answer to the issue of suffering in a world created by God…

By Anton February 5, 2022 0

Western civilisation and religion in a secular age

Can the Western civilisation be secular? Can religion and God be replaced by manmade alternatives like humanism and socialism? This essay traces the recent polls on this matter and looks back at history to learn how the spiritual abyss of the Western world has been produced…

By Anton January 17, 2022 2

Why many young Westerners hate Hitler but are unsure about Stalin? | Full Report

Orwell noted in 1944 that English intellectuals rejected Hitler at the cost of accepting Stalin. Hitler remains a symbol of evil and justly so. Stalin however, as a figure of international socialism, or communism, remains an uncertain name in the mind of many Westerns. This report explores why this is the case…

By Anton January 12, 2022 0

The Tiananmen Square Protests and Massacre of 1989

“[…] when two lines of martial law troops drove their tanks from either side into the square, they were going well over 60 miles an hour. Completely insane. At the time, there were still 20,000, 30,000 people or more who hadn’t left the square. […]”

By Anton December 13, 2021 0

The Genealogy of Colours

Helena, twelve years old, is a blind girl who wants to know what colours are. But how can we explain what colours are to someone who never saw them? Breaking the barrier of blindness, reaching into the realm of the soul, where the answers to every question lie…

By Anton November 18, 2021 0

Hardcore Posers

“Grimes might have made an innocent joke that attracted the attention of newspapers and the social media crowds, but the prank was an echo of something much deeper among some of the most successful and wealthy people on the planet…”

By Anton October 29, 2021 0


Shirts is a short story that follows Bill, a corporate worker who aims high but realises that the corporate ladder he was meant to climb through hard work and dedication does not exist. A world of politics and propaganda, Bill realises what many of us already know…

By Anton October 26, 2021 0

Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

“What the day owes the night”, screened by French director Alexandre Arcady, is based on a story written by Algerian author, Yasmina Khadra. The movie was recommended to me by a good friend with whom I reconnected recently after 15 years, by chance.

By Anton November 28, 2020 0

The Headless Hydra

The Hydra is an ancient concept, charged with all the fears and frustrations that are wired in us as creatures of stability, order and guidance. For example, in ancient Babylon, the myth of Marduk, the multi-eyed god, fought and killed Tiamat, a water dragon made of “watery” chaos.

By Anton August 17, 2020 0