Short Stories

Short stories on the human soul. Themes include love, nature, the relationship between man and Divinity, progress, the flow of time, the existence of nothingness, aesthetics and theological ideas.


After Dostoevsky | The Light and Silence of the Room

The Light and Silence of the Room touches on considerations of Christian theology, inspired by the works of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (The Brothers Karamazov and The Devils), as well as on a number of issues related to the human condition: loneliness, love and family…

wooden cross in the road

A sensible soul in the river of history

“…it is life that scares me…it terrifies me. So long and troubling only to end so quickly and bizarrely…”

black and white battle field flag and crow

“Tonight, we will kill our brothers!”

A short story about war, depicting the speech of the general and the vision of Christ that he has before charging into battle…

holding image for short story Emily

Emily, A Woman’s Question to the World

“…if existence would end when I am with you, I would feel no fear but an immense joy and overwhelming pride that I, Octavian, had the honour to be yours.”

lonely tree in the fog

An Unbreakable Bond

“[…] in that unusual calm, surrounded by stillness, Emil understood what the words of the greatest philosophers and of the holiest monks could not explain: that the bond between him and his grandmother was unbreakable and eternal…”

Into the wild edited image

The Poet with Bright Eyes

Those who sell themselves to please the fashionable ways of the world shall find a fate worse than death for they shall have no peace in this life nor in the one after: regret is heavier than eternity…

red sunset

The Red in the Sky is Ours

Veronica, a prostitute, meets her high school love in the staircase of a Soviet-looking apartment bloc. They talk about love, evil and freedom under the cold of the night…

Cherry Blossom Tree at Sunset

Cherry Blossom

“[…] I will never forgive those who sold out love for their mortality.” Cherry Blossom is a short story about a man mourning the loss of his lover, a soldier who died after five years in a comma…

oxford blackfriars church

Nihil Sine Deo

A priest of the Oxford Blackfriars is asked by a young man for his inspiration about the moving words during a sermon: Nihil Sine Deo…

dead soldiers in war

Indigo Red

The star shines again, but the dead remain dead. A short story of war and loss, painted with words of aesthetic significance…

shepherd with sheep black and white image

The last days of shepherds

The last days of shepherds were upon the world. A new dawn had arrived, a new civilisation built on illusions and emptiness had spawned – and it was going to be magnificent…

Mr. Abramović’s Note

Mr. Abramović died his apartment in Zagreb. The police officers find his body and next to his bed a note on which the deceased’s final thoughts are written down…

black and white warship UK

“Promise me you will die a beautiful death…”

A soldier and his wife are saying their goodbyes before he will leave for war, during the turbulent years of 1940s…

flowers on a field

The Genealogy of Colours

Helena, twelve years old, is a blind girl who wants to know what colours are. But how can we explain what colours are to someone who never saw them? Breaking the barrier of blindness, reaching into the realm of the soul, where the answers to every question lie…

After John | Lucifer, old friend…

Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, “Lucifer, old friend”, is a story of man and angel discussing God’s love for his creation after the Apocalypse. Finally, peace…


Shirts is a short story that follows Bill, a corporate worker who aims high but realises that the corporate ladder he was meant to climb through hard work and dedication does not exist. A world of politics and propaganda, Bill realises what many of us already know…

black and white broken rope

Better days…

“…I am tired now and cancer is eating my lungs. I thought you should know that you died in vain on that cold and muddy battlefield in Europe…”


The Bones of Time

“Erebus has devoured the bird and with it the entire history of the old world of angelic chants and barbaric faith in the limits of the human mind…”

forest and fog

Honey, you make me feel invincible

“I must leave this room, this city, this earth and fall deep beneath the abyss of my own soul. I need wine for the difficult trip.”

teeth black and white

I pull my own teeth out

This is the best non-satirical political satire you’ll ever read: the story of Joseph Stalin the university professor, not the communist dictator…

Twin black eyes

It is 1776. Old school Japan. A woman faces the death of her lover, a samurai buried under a tree in the middle of a field without end…

Alaska black and white


It is now 2003 and the images held by a wrinkled polaroid in the pocket of an American soldier are covered in blood and dust…

Altered roses

Thus spoke Zarathustra

A vignette in a lost roll of film. Its margins are narrowed by black fog. Nothing peers through it, nothing escapes it. A short story about Creation and human life…

blue flowers

A cup of blue

Abstraction is a mighty tool to explore reality as life imitates art. A short story about time, identity and imagination…

Man on a river

The River

Inspired by Peter Wessel Zapffe’s essays, The River follows the life story of a creek that grows into a river, clean and healthy. Until one day…

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Pine Trees

Three actors discuss the past on a street in LA in 1992 under a patch of pine trees. Los Angeles Pine Trees is a short story about perception – of time, of aesthetics.


On a balcony in California

This is a short romantic story, unfolding on a balcony in California at the edge of the infinite, where all ends and begins at once.