Project 1989

Project 1989

Between 1989 and 1991 the Iron Curtain melted away and the fall of the USSR liberated Central-Eastern Europe. This page is dedicated to all those who fought for freedom and contributed to the fall of communism, and more broadly of totalitarianism.

You can read about the timeline of the events that led to the collapse of communist regimes, key episodes from the revolutions and movements of 1989, portraits of those involved in the long battle against totalitarianism, as well as other relevant developments which can be linked to the fall of communism.

The content will not be entirely focused on what happened in Romania. Developments and people from other Central-Eastern European countries, as well as from other parts of the world, will be highlighted.

You will also find materials, such as books, documents and documentaries, that you can use to further research the dangers of totalitarian regimes and the crimes against humanity that have been committed in the name of “the greater good”.

The purpose of this project is two fold:

  1. To raise awareness of what totalitarian regimes are capable of.
  2. To give a voice to the nameless dead that opposed them in the past.

For Freedom. For Beauty. For the Individual.