Commentary in the form of monthly diary, short stories and essays or blogs on philosophical issues. Most of the ideas are Anton’s, reflections and thoughts that came more or less spontaneously, while others seemed more persistent. The format of most philosophical writings was inspired by the ways Romanian twentieth century thinker, Emil Cioran, explored his ideas: through some sort of diary of ideas.

Between God and Misanthropy: The Aesthetic

The Aesthetic: Between God and Misanthropy

May’s philosophical musings touch on the love for man and the love of God, the idea of the Aesthetic, the notion of anti-natalism, misanthropy, religious pluralism and more…

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In Defence of Death II

In Defence of Death, part two, is the continuation of an essay with the same title. It explains why we need religion to build a culture in which the moment of death is not feared…

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“I believe, therefore I am.”

Philosophical meditations from the month of April 2022, touching on nihilism, faith, loss of faith, Satre’s view on God and the duty of intellectuals, among other things…

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“…to love for the sake of love.”

What does it mean to belong to a nation? How did God create us? Such questions and more are explored in this month’s philosophical diary…

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Truth, nihilism and faith in the age of war

Philosophical reflections for the month of February 2022. “In the darkness of my heart, I have found the mercy of Light”…

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In Defence of Death

“We should be brothers and sisters, united by the moment of death, rather than standing divided, trembling in fear and greed. Look up at the sky at night – the moment of death is the beginning when we shall belong with the stars.”…

Suffering in War Soldier in the mud

“It is suffering, not love, that makes brothers and sisters of us all.”

The first philosophical journal for 2020, touching on matters of morality, the wrong of the Right and the illegitimacy of the Left…

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The subtle poison of our times

“To return to the glory of risk, pain and death is no longer possible for the modern human…”. Philosophical musings, December 2021…

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Human rights, Hope and Progress

“It is often those who dwell in the darkest abyss that can shine the brightest light.” Philosophical reflections during the month of November in 2021…

The role of faith in the age of space exploration: how can humanity deal with the infinite unknown?

As humanity approaches a new age of space exploration, this essay argues that reason, imagination and intuition are not enough for us to explore space humanely and to avoid disasters. Faith is also necessary to guide us through the infinite unknown…

“Human experience is irrelevant to the truth”

“Between feeling nothing and feeling something, even terrorising pain to the point of fainting, I choose the latter. This is the essence of human life from the perspective of an individual…”


The Bones of Time

“Erebus has devoured the bird and with it the entire history of the old world of angelic chants and barbaric faith in the limits of the human mind…”

Brasov Black and White

“Objective good exists, but not in the world of men.”

“I want to drown in philosophy, but only in the philosophy of a few minds, of those who understood that there is nothing worthy among the multitudes of men…”

Bored with the future…

We are now like stray animals, retrogressed from primeval men, lurking in nothingness. Days, trapped between what it was and what it will be… Progress, autonomy and importance, all lies…

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Soulmates, Socialism and Suffering

August’s philosophical diary brings ideas on socialism, soulmates, destinity and fate, criticism and more…

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Death is an illusion

July’s philosophical diary brings ideas on the group and community, possession of things, reason, morality and death…

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Romanticism, History and Dangerous Ideas

June’s philosophical diary contains thoughts on nihilism, history, romanticism and whether ideas are dangerous or not…

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Contradictions, Unity and Rebellion

“The duty of an anti-establishment movement is to keep opposing whatever the status quo is: there is never a settling down with the current system”

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Human Nature and the Collapse of Civilisations

“…no civilisation can hide the truth forever: it is in the inevitable collapse of all civilisations that humanity should celebrate its achievements for then the entirety of our nature is expressed”.

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The Function of Beauty

“Beauty helps us transcend the human condition, opening the doors of an unlimited and universal world of here and now”…

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“Dreams are reality”

Philosophical Diary – February 2021: “Aiming to change the world for the better, whatever that means, is severe delusion”.

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“At the edge of Everything”

Philosophical Diary – January 2021. Thoughts and reflections from the first month of this year. All ideas are my own.

For the Individual

The individual is the most important unit in society. Without the individual, our civilisation cannot exist. As such, defending…

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The Headless Hydra

The Hydra is an ancient concept, charged with all the fears and frustrations that are wired in us as creatures of stability, order and guidance. For example, in ancient Babylon, the myth of Marduk, the multi-eyed god, fought and killed Tiamat, a water dragon made of “watery” chaos.

On progress

On progress, choice and individual responsibility

Is there a need for tomorrow? In other words, is there a need for us human beings to act on this driver to “progress”? If this question can be answered negatively, what does this entail for how we go about in life?