“Objective good exists, but not in the world of men.”

“Objective good exists, but not in the world of men.”

October 5, 2021 0 By Anton

All the ideas below are my own.

03 September 2021

“Decadence has its own special allure: it feels just to desire and rejoice in self-destructive behaviours when one is aware of the many ills plaguing today’s world. Decay invites decay. Should one resist such sweet temptation to set fire to civilisation and dance as the flames purge one’s self together with all of humanity’s achievements and follies? Or should one give in, allowing for the ultimate hedonism to manifest itself through destruction? Music holds the answer to both of these questions.”

06 September 2021

“When one realises the reality of the historic man – that of perpetual tragedy, of seemingly never ending decay – one is faced with despair: this, at first, appears the natural response to the sheer darkness that surrounds our inner world. Staring at this condition, out of duty towards oneself if for nothing else, one must become greater than life.

By conquering oneself, rather than accepting one’s fate or worse, by wallowing in confusion and criticism, one has the chance to redeem what life could not: one’s soul. This conquest however is not one of active pursuit of actions. Rather, it is the acceptance and surrendering to the world of spirit, the eternal essence of everything within and outside man.”

08 September 2021

“I have seen the bones of culture, the primordial ooze from which all comes and to which all returns, the nothingness that awaits at the end of history, the birth of autonomy – the greatest illusion of man, the mysteries without which meaning cannot exist, the limits of reason, the pits of imagination – without the aid of drugs or meditation; they simply showed up inside me and I looked at them as they poured themselves into a river of colours, scents and owes.”

11 September 2021

“On this day, we must remember more than the loss of those who suffered in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attack. On this day, we must recall that governments across the world, starting with the one in the United States, launched an unfettered assault on individual freedom.

Through lie after lie, defended by propaganda and censorship, the control apparatus at the centre of all governments has turned its cyclopic eye towards each and every one of us, aspiring citizens of different nations, justifying further limits on our liberty as human beings in the name of pseudo-philosophical and pseud-scientific notions such as “safety”, “protection”, “comfort”, “progress”, “globalisation”, “inclusion”, “diversity” and “the greater good”.”

13 September 2021

“Those who commit immoral actions for money have sold out their humanity. The only question remains how should we view them from now on.”

14 September 2021

“Those uncapable of breaking their material or intellectual condition by acknowledging their limited position in a socio-economic order built on the lies of progress and autonomy can only redeem themselves by relentlessly working towards individual freedom outside the boundaries of human civilisation.”

23 September 2021

“I found eternity and it is within me.”

24 September 2021

“We are not here to understand the universe. We are here to admire it.”

28 September 2021

“Objective good exists, but not in the world of men.”

“If your safety requires other people to be oppressed, you are better off dead.”

29 September 2021

“Yes, philosophy. I want to drown in philosophy, but only in the philosophy of a few minds, of those who understood that there is nothing worthy among the multitudes of men who are too coward to become the individuals they can be, but rather squander in their comfort of faceless, mindless and obedient society. Only these very few are worth reading or listening to, ignoring the rest.”