The subtle poison of our times

The subtle poison of our times

December 28, 2021 0 By Anton

All ideas below are my own.

01 December 2021

“Trying to emulate the past, the remotest days buried in primordial times, lost in the mists not of history, but before human time came to be, hidden in the mystic of Eden, is the result of a present that demolishes the soul and of a future that only exists in brutal darkness.”

02 December 2021

“Within a nation, if such thing exists, or, more accurately, within a group of people that share a common history, traditions and set of believes, the men and women worthy of being revered through songs, literature and paintings should not be those of state, judiciary or military, even if their achievements may have defended that group from perishing or may have improved its livelihood, for such pillars or institutions are born out of the unnatural tendency to morph into society; rather, those that ought to be revered and immortalised in the common consciousness of that group are those who created art, who dedicated their lives to faith, who aimed to break rather than to create metaphysics. It is through this latter group of people that the soul of that nation or group speaks to the rest of the world.”

05 December 2021

“One cannot escape their own aesthetics. No matter how many pills, how many books and how many miles, one cannot escape their own aesthetics.”

06 December 2021

“Today, the sins of ideology are everywhere and in everyone’s thinking, even in mine. No man or woman who breathes air and has the capacity to think in our age, a period marked deeply by the absence of a morality that governs the state, as the judicial expression of the nation, is prone to ideology. Ideology is the subtle poison of our times and there will be no cure to it until we rebuild the ancient institutions of faith: the transcendental paths towards the higher, objective Truth, that sits above all peoples.”

10 December 2021

“I understand the losers of wars. They are among the few that have seen, truly seen, the abyss.”

11 December 2021

“We live in a world that appears to be deeply, powerfully and fundamentally hostile towards suicide. To deny death. To deny the only manner in which we can become whole. What a deplorable world this is. Scared. Afraid of its own inevitable conclusion. What is more horrific than to be trapped here, among humans? Probably to become one: we have a thousand faces, and all too human.”

13 December 2021

“After many days of thinking about the necessity to recover, rebuild and return to a state of order founded on institutions and tradition, I came to the conclusion that such way of life, although deeply desirable by many men and women today, it is incompatible with the modern human being: we are too lazy, too uneducated and too gutless to be capable of such a world; we allowed our darkest and most disgusting aspects to grow into global companies and governments, international institutions and faceless bureaucracies empowered by unprecedented technological tools that enslave and divide. All of this has happened while we ate sugary fat, watched dumb entertainment and masturbated under a blanket. A civilisation of limp and cowardly men and women that has finally woken up to the realisation that they have enchained themselves to their own comfort and pleasures. To return to the glory of risk, pain and death is no longer possible for the modern human. The threshold towards the erasure of the self has been crossed.” 

14 December 2021

“The Truth, the only truth, found beyond data, beyond art, beyond metaphysics, beyond all matter, deep inside the hearts of all men and women is this: Nihil Sine Deo. It is its negation that gave birth to history, and it is its negation that pushes humanity away from the only path that is real: mysticism. For in discussing the Truth, one is not afraid to use dogmatic language as the Truth simply is.”

15 December 2021

“I rather wish to die as someone unknown. To be remembered by a world that appears to be incurable from its own meaninglessness and mediocrity is a thought that repulses me.”

18 December 2021

“I never disliked anything or anyone more than those who want to do me a good, at least in their mind, against my will. These benevolent creatures are in fact worse than those who come to me with the stated intent of doing me harm, for in being coerced to accept what they deem a good deed, they take away my humanity.”

20 December 2021

“The only approvable version of socialism is one that is patriotic: in other words, one that seeks to reform and correct parts of what makes a group of people in order to strengthen it, rather than the socialism that criticises for the sake of destruction of that common identity. But then again, this is called Liberalism.”

21 December 2021

“Justice is something incredibly difficult to deliver and, I would argue, it is impossible in the absence of Divine law. However, if we agree that justice is close to impossible to achieve when the parties involved in the dispute are identifiable, how can we hope to deliver justice to those who are not identifiable? Who will speak for the nameless dead in the communist prisons, in the Siberian gulags, in the concentration camps, on the fields of Cambodia, throughout the Great Leap Forward, and other such mass eradications of humanity? Who will search for their bodies, who will uncover their stories, who will assess their position as human beings – their dreams, hopes, sufferings, hatred and mistakes – and balance these with the actions of many other nameless brutes: the officers who conducted these actions?”

24 December 2021

“Any argument that is rooted in science, art or philosophy can be destroyed by a single question repeated again and again and again; this question is simply “Why?”. I dare anyone to construct an argument that belongs to science, art or philosophy, in isolation or in some sort of overlap between these three realms of human thought and ask the question – “Why?” – and observe how the argument collapses, slowly but surely. What does this tell us? That science, art and philosophy are useless? Not all. They are very useful in providing comfort, knowledge and pleasure – but not truth. What the process of eroding the edges of these realms of thought by asking the question “Why” demonstrates is the limited nature of our capacity to explain and understand and, vaguely but undoubtedly, it reveals at the same time a realm that is obscured from reason, imagination and intuition, a world that can only be explored by faith: the world of the spirit where the Divine belongs and from which It rules the ephemeral world of men. To acknowledge this is equivalent to embracing the only path towards truth and thus towards absolute freedom: the path of faith.”

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