“At the edge of Everything”

“At the edge of Everything”

February 24, 2021 0 By Anton

All that you read here are my thoughts.

01 January 2021

“The final frontier of human thought is Choice. We choose to be alive. We don’t need to be alive. Choice. After we are born, all is a choice”.

09 January 2021

“At the edge of Everything, the Infinite expands through perpetual collapse, like a wave that rises than falls under its own weight, and then rises again, containing pieces from its past and new elements that cannot be understood, only imagined, all of them moving nowhere”.

11 January 2021

“Hope needs only to exist if we see death as a tragic obstacle. If we change this perspective then we don’t need hope for we have conquered Existence’s greatest source of discomfort: the fear of loss”.

“If we accuse the past, the past must accuse the future as well. We are already accusing the past with movies, books and so on. But the future also accuses us through the same media: creations that look at our inhumanity to come, meaning that at some point we will do something to reach that point of destruction”.

12 January 2021

“Meaning cannot be entirely subjective. Otherwise you wouldn’t understand these words. There is, perhaps thin, an objective element in it”.

“Dominance over oneself is true power. Every other exercise of power over others hides nothing but weakness and displays a desire to oppress and control”.

23 January 2021

“I believe in nothing. That’s why I have to think about everything”.

“Anarchy doesn’t automatically mean violence. In fact, anarchy automatically means trusting your fellow men and women to be above the primitive nature of violence”.

27 January 2021

“Whenever I am sad, I remember that the world will end one day, and I am content once more”.

31 January 2021

“Genius is a mutation of the mind, which involves the annihilation of reason, the unleash of imagination and the trusting of intuition”.