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Celebrating 100 Years of Chinese Communist Party by Commemorating China’s Freedom Fighters

Today Anton is launching a new page of this website, part of the Project 1989.

The page is dedicated to the events that unfolded in the Summer of 1989 in Tiananmen Square, which must never be erased from history.

The content will have the following format: an essay with four parts which will be published in full and as separated parts, all linked together. The separated parts can be accessed through the buttons found on the page.

Part one will explore the historical and philosophical background of the protests in Tiananmen Square.

Part two will detail what happened on key dates, using declassified information from the US National Security Archive, as well as interviews with participants recorded and written down in “Bullets and Opium”.

The third part will discuss the immediate and long-term aftermath of the protests in Tiananmen Square.

The fourth and final, part will discuss the CCP’s activity in recent years, focusing on its relationship with Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as on the growing business between Western companies, including asset managers, and the CCP under the notorious term of “stakeholder capitalism”.

You can access the introduction essay, which provides a contemporary background into the CCP efforts to erase the massacre of 4 June 1989 by clicking here or the image below.

kuwento ni kapitan kokak: Tiananmen Square Massacre, June ...

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