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Looking for Content Creators

Over the past 12 months, the readership base of my website, Power of Ideas, has grown almost 90%, reaching close to 5,000 readers. In addition, I have reached around 1,000 people with the newsletter (The Alchemy of Life). The readership base is global in nature, with readers from 88 countries coming to my website. The top ten countries include: the USA, the UK, Romania, Canada, India, Singapore, Germany, Italy, France and Netherlands.

The topics on which I have focused my efforts are: politics and culture (in particularly focusing on the ills of communism through Project 1989), art reviews and commentary (discussing books, documentaries and films that seem pertinent to today’s society) and philosophy (through essays, monthly journal entries and short stories). Going forward, I will also focus on Austrian Economics, highlighting the principles behind this school of thought and its relevance within the current (very late) credit cycle.

In order to grow and produce more content, including infographics, I am looking for like-minded individuals from any corner of the world that want to make use of the growing platform that Power of Ideas is becoming. Content creators who share an interest in the following topics should get in touch at or by messaging me on LinkedIn:

  • Western civilisation, its culture, history and achievements and how it relates to other civilisations.
  • Detailing economic lessons based on the Austrian school of thought.
  • Explaining the role of religion and mysticism in society.
  • Producing ideas that highlight the ills of globalisation on the community and the individual.
  • Short stories that highlight societal dynamics that are detrimental for the individual.
  • Reviews of or commentaries on books, movies and music – old and new.

Whether your thinking is conventional or not, if you are interested in the above themes, or in creating materials that are related to the above topics, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


I do not do this for money, and I expect those who express an interest in producing content to have the same mindset. As such, there is no guarantee of remuneration other than the fact that we produce and defend ideas that ought to be beneficial for the individual and the community. That said, there is a “Support my work” page through which those who enjoy the work and find it useful can support it via donations. As the donations grow, I will be able to provide remuneration in return for content.

Should this proposition be appealing, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


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