Human rights, Hope and Progress

Human rights, Hope and Progress

November 28, 2021 0 By Anton

All of the ideas below are my own.

02 November 2021

“To be valued in money is one of the greatest insults for an individual.”

03 November 2021

“The elite is guilty, has always been guilty, for its desire to rule and coerce. But that guilt is not entirely attributed to the elite. The masses of obedient, cowardly and ignorant people are also guilty for enabling the elite to perform its wretched games of conquest and manipulation. Freedom has often been defended only by a small minority of people, often killed, expelled or oppressed by the ruling elite with the help with the majority of the population which wanted nothing more than to obey itself into the slavery of safety and comfort.”

04 November 2021

“Nothing depresses me more than hope. The very existence of hope suggests that we are born in a hostile universe. Something which is, of course, false. The universe does not care – we care. Hope is born out of the pathological phobia of death. Hope is a sign of desperation and mediocrity. To live with hope is to live a lie, for those who are aware of the truth do not need hope: they have faith.”

07 November 2021

“The more I think about political ideologies, be it to reform or to preserve a social order, the more I realise that these perspectives are equally delusional, and, depending on the philosophical fashions of the time, even diabolical: these political ideologies with agendas and policies pertain to something which is inherently sick and unnatural: society itself. Autonomy and independence of the individual, everything else is either slavery or a path towards it.”

08 November 2021

“I remain ambivalent on the question of suicide. Once one has understood the allure of suicide, it is difficult to make a strong case for living: the appeal of the tranquillity which comes after we break through the illusion of death is impossible to ignore, while the uselessness, the dullness and the silliness of staying alive in a world dominated by horizontal metaphysics weighs heavily against the case for living.”

09 November 2021

“Human rights should be abolished by eliminating the threat against which they supposedly defend the individual. Human rights exist because the threat of oppression from the government exists – eliminate the government, arm individuals with knowledge and rifles and one wouldn’t need human rights to defend themselves against oppression.” 

10 November 2021

“Is there such thing as a nation? A group of people made up of different communities that come together, bound by common behaviours, values and visions of the world, on a territory that is delimited by physical and legal borders? Is the nation a fabrication of the intellectual mind or does the everyday person possess such recollection of being part of a cultural union supported by traditions and history?”

12 November 2021

“It is clear that death offers the only escape from this boring cycle of bloodshed and stupidity called “the human history”. However, while in life, those who wish to remove themselves from this artificial state of affairs of violence and propaganda – society and its institutions – ought to turn to nature, even if it is indifferent and brutal, at least it is not dumb and evil; these two latter qualities are exclusive to mankind.”

14 November 2021

“The only chance of an objectively better world is a return to nature. Otherwise, live in a story that you made up. The option of existing in the world of men and women is simply too horrible to be entertained, let alone to be acted out.”

15 November 2021

“Knowledge won’t set you free, but the truth will.”

“What you call progress is nothing but a continuous state of decay which has grown in scale and magnitude: just because you don’t see the rot does not mean it is not there – look behind you, the entire human history is built on a rotting mountain of pointless suffering inflicted by people upon other people.”

16 November 2021

“What do we make of those who reject the world, even the reality, in which they were born? Do they have the right to demand such drastic changes as to alter the world so fundamentally that those who either embrace it or do not care about it will also witness and experience their reality altered or even torn down? Or should these individuals seek to accommodate themselves to the world around and, if they fail or refuse to do so, cease to exist? The answer is not one of philosophy, but of action: the world will be whatever those who act on it will make of it.”

17 November 2021

“Remember the woods, remember the wild, remember that that is the only place we can call home.”

19 November 2021

“I like loneliness. It brings me closer to the Divine.”

22 November 2021

“A return to nature doesn’t simply mean to go and be in nature, or to travel through nature as a foreigner who temporarily observes the wild and the free; a return to nature means to live in nature, to fight and grow in nature, to die and suffer in nature, to overcome and love in nature, to build and decay in nature, under the skies, under the trees, in the valleys, up in the mountains, on the river banks and on the shores. A return to nature means the abandonment of this path – this path that is so fundamentally wrong, this path that is antithetical to the human spirit, this path called progress: it leads nowhere, for it is forever horizontal, trapping us in a fictitious world of philosophy and science, without any access to the true path which transcends!”

23 November 2021

“The greatest threat to any civilisation is a lack of education on history.”

25 November 2021

“Monarchy or anarchy, but not democracy. Ruled by randomness or by nobody, but not ruled by the uneducated, entitled and superficial masses of amorphous “voters”.”

28 November 2021

“It is often those who dwell in the darkest abyss that can shine the brightest light.”