Human Nature and the Collapse of Civilisations

Human Nature and the Collapse of Civilisations

May 4, 2021 0 By Anton

All that you read here are my thoughts.

05 April 2021

“When speaking about human nature, radical ideas have little place or perhaps none at all. The most vile behaviours are heroic should the circumstances be different. Thus any view of human nature that discusses it through labels – good or evil, divine or demonic – is a superficial, even misguided, approach: we are aristocratic savages”.

10 April 2021

“It is not the advancement of technology, any technology for that matter, which leads to decay and mediocrity, but the use of that technology for commercial and political purposes which degenerates humanity”.

12 April 2021

“What is regarded normal does indeed change but the process through which an established order of sorts becomes accepted, even taken for granted, is the same: first at the level of ideas, then it trickles down to values upon which institutions are built, from which titles are issued and orders are given. A trade off between individual freedom, with its risks of injury and even death and with its mighty rewards of pride and emancipation of self, and the nauseating comfort of something called civilisation begins to take place. This trade off lasts until it collapses under its own weight, either because it becomes too overwhelming for order to be maintained or because the values upon which it was built rot”.

14 April 2021

“For a new society to be built, there must be a shift in the fundamental assumption upon which civilisation is built: that human life is invaluable. Rather, life should be viewed by default as valueless, with its value only being acquired depending on how one spends their time on this planet”.

16 April 2021

“Civilisation, as in a civilised social order, can exist only through partial suppression of truth. We are as aristocratic as we are wild and free, savage and violent and curious and empathic, too. Order, especially civilised order, must supress part of our nature for it to exist at all, let alone to proliferate. But no civilisation can hide the truth forever: it is in the inevitable collapse of all civilisations that humanity should celebrate its achievements for then the entirety of our nature is expressed”.

“As long as we won’t be in charge of the fruits of our labour, we all shall be slaves to whoever is in charge of creating and distributing the money in the economy”. 

20 April 2021

“There is an optimal size of the group which does not completely dilute one’s individuality. It is likely less than ten. Hence why the larger groups, the labour market, the army, the voters, society, are always suffocating prisons for one’s individuality”.

21 April 2021

“God have mercy on those who oppose radical ideas in times of panic, because no one else will”.

24 April 2021

“There are at least two types of environmentalists: those who oppose pollution and other forms of destruction of nature because they are paranoid about their own future, thus being no better than the greedy corporations and reckless governments which they despise and accuse of environmentally unfriendly actions and then there are those who oppose the obliteration and abuse of nature for the sole sake of preserving the wild, without regard to their own future”.

25 April 2021

“Radical ideas are never to be blamed for the supposed damage they do, because they have no such power. Always and everywhere the vessel of ideas – the human – should be the one held accountable. No idea is harmful on its own: it must be believed in and applied before it ever becomes any type of risk”.

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