“Human experience is irrelevant to the truth”

“Human experience is irrelevant to the truth”

October 30, 2021 0 By Anton

All ideas are my own.

03 October 2021

“Hope dies last, but it dies. Only faith can outlive it.”

06 October 2021

“There are no more men, no more women, no more people. Only consumers, professionals, capitalists, socialists, titles and labels devoid of any meaning, drained of any energy, standardised and equally mediocre, the by-product of the great illusion called progress.”

07 October 2021

“There is no such thing as a hard or a soft truth. Only the truth, any adjective preceding it either means it is no truth or, if it is, then the description or qualification is redundant. This includes words like “hidden” or “concealed” – the truth cannot be hidden nor concealed, it is the truth whether or not one sees it or believes in it. Human experience is irrelevant to the truth.”

10 October 2021

“Those who gaze within can find immortality even as the world around them rots.”

11 October 2021

“Between feeling nothing and feeling something, even terrorising pain to the point of fainting, I choose the latter. This is the essence of human life from the perspective of an individual: to say “yes” to existence with all its glory and hell, rather than to choose the numbness of nonexistence.”

12 October 2021

“To know with certainty is to know nothing at all.”

13 October 2012

“There is no greater tragedy than the pitiful dance of human existence. Not because we are born sick or evil, quite the contrary: we are born with the potential to approach the Devine and yet, as our entire history shows, the few that guide the many are often ill with power while the many obey, go to war and multiply in poverty, stupidity and a thin, depressing light of hope. A few escape this hell – the artists, the philosophers of man not men, and the monks – finding refuge in nature or secluded dwellings, but only temporary. As civilisation expands, marching on the dull rhythm of the repetitiveness of life, it eventually swallows these few individuals, the true, often nameless, creators of societies and economies. What a spectacle of gore, death and mediocrity is humanity: you can see this in the eyes of too many people on too many streets goin into too many shops.”

15 October 2021

“If you do not defend what you cannot defend, you should not ask for justice for you deserve none.”

17 October 2021

“The aesthetics of worlds that no longer exist bleed through me, speak through me, live through me.”

18 October 2021

“God owes us nothing, least of all answers to our stupid and impertinent questions. How dare we demand anything from the Divine when we, as a species, weaponize our nature for moronic (and often inhuman) goals like political power and wealth at the cost of life? We should spend all the time we have trying to answer our own questions and only if we succeed at this task, which is none other than the complete understanding of oneself, can we turn towards Divinity with questions. Until then, we should sit silently and gaze within.”

25 October 2021

“Today’s Western society is full of dystopian views of a long gone utopia called communism.”

27 October 2021

“When someone tells you that you are equal, that we are all equal, defy such monstrosity by saying boldly: ‘I am not equal, I am inferior.’ By doing so you automatically reveal those demanding and claiming equality for what they are: mutilators of human nature and oppressors posing as saviours. You are inferior and they are superior, you are a victim, they are the ones who victimise you with their superiority. By their ideological law, as a victim, you have the right, the upper moral ground, in fighting the oppressors.

Nobody is equal in the eyes of man, only before the Divine. A secular society, godless as it would be, is a myth that works only on the minds of those who drowned in the historical, material and illusory world of science, reason and pleasure. We are unequal because the universe is indifferent. Only the Universe makes us equal.”

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