“Dreams are reality”

“Dreams are reality”

March 5, 2021 0 By Anton

All that you read here are my thoughts.

09 February 2021

“I am running against the clock and the glock”.

13 February 2021

“It’s sad to see so many people beleiving in a notion of the future in which they embedded a desire to return to a romanticised past. It signals a disconnect with the present. Reality is no longer acceptable to them. But the place they seek belongs beyond the county line and therefore, it is forever out of reach”.

17 February 2021

“Thoughts are prisons, words are prisons, this mind is a prison, this body is a prison, society is a prison, culture is a prison, nature is a prison, Existence itself is a prison. Ordered Chaos is a prison. Beauty saves because Beauty leads to contemplation, irrational and effortless, which breaks these prisons, leading us into the Unknown, the unordered Chaos”.

20 February 2021

“The worst thing about being alive is Life”.

“Revolution for the sake of revolution, not for a cause, and certainly not for liberation. Action for the sake of action”.

“Do we, as a society, truly want to be free? Freedom comes with responsibility: the more freedom, the more responsibility. Look around. Many prefer to serve and follow. That’s safety, comfort and, above all, less responsibility. In today’s hyper-fast, hyper-modern world, the soft spot seems to be the pretending of being free while conforming and obeying. They will obey and conform and in doing so they will feel free, attempting to ignore the heavy chains around their necks and minds. But you are not like them. You must not be like them. Hope rests in you not being like them, in not doing what millions do: live enslaved with the illusion of freedom”.

“Dreams are reality”.

21 February 2021

“Why do you love me? Why do you like me? – Such questions should be answered with a sincere “I don’t know”. We love because we don’t know. If we knew, we wouldn’t love”.

“We can rationalise and justify anything. That is the weakness of reason: its strength in explaining reality through certainty and quantifications is its biggest flaw. When we deal with another person, we are dealing with another universe. Certainty violates the mystery of the other person. Explanations that are rooted in biology, psychology or other field of science are to be carefully entertained, and never in full, because they can reduce the individual to a biological animal. You can choose to see yourself as an animal, but the other person may not”.

22 February 2021

“After reading Kerouac, I understand: I have to be poor in order to be truly rich”.

28 February 2021

“Aiming to change the world for the better, whatever that means, is severe delusion. Each generation is born blind, grows up with lies and dies in regret, thinking and hoping for a better tomorrow that never comes because we choose to live the way we do. But we refuse to acknowledge and accept us and our way of life, living in a perpetual slumber, blaming history for repeating itself when we are the ones who do so”.

Breaking the cycle of history through choice.