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Death is an illusion

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05 July 2021

“There is a difference between a group and a community. A group is bound only by fashionable ideas, by the day’s prevalent intellectual products. It has nothing else holding it together than some ghosts of the mind which, often, invade the soul and diminish one’s individuality, making one part of the group. Groups are cancerous for individual development.

A community on the other hand is vital for the individual. A community is bound by a common ground of meaning: traditions, rituals and a certain order in relation to the environment around it and to the individuals making up the community. In a community, the individual can remain an individual: one’s uniqueness is not diminished by sharing a set of values with others because through the common ground of meaning, the individual can pursue and express their uniqueness.

The group has no limit on its membership: millions, if not billions, can be part of a group (like the army, or a political party). But a community is much more limited in numbers: only those with their souls bound to a place and people can be part of that community and not everyone can develop this bond.

A community feels like home where each individual is important and plays a key role. In a group, one is a faceless unit with no name and no past.”

10 July 2021

“Having too much corrupts. It makes one greedy and inflicts an illusion of self-importance over others: just because one has more stuff, a false sense of superiority in relationship to their fellow neighbours is instilled in that person that has too much.

Having to little also corrupts. It makes one envious and hateful towards its community and life itself. Only have what is needed, as nature provides. That’s where the balance lies: in the rawness of nature – what you can gather, hunt and built, is what you need.”

18 July 2021

“We cannot judge each other morally. Morality does not belong to the realm of man, but that of the truth that transcends: the divine, the Universe. We can only judge each other in terms of human qualities and actions, but morality is not one of these elements.”

23 July 2021

“Money are not important not because they corrupt – because they do not corrupt. We are already born as such that certain circumstances make us creatures lower than animals. Money are not important because they cannot buy what matters most: meaning. The world is not made of matter, but of what matters.

Meaning is the fabric of our world. When we look in the distance at the mountains, we do not see giant rocks covered in trees and snow. Rather, we see mystery, we see beauty, we see challenges, we see something which reason, imagination and intuition cannot explain. That is meaning: an invitation to transcend the human conditions, and what is the human condition if not our cognitive abilities combined as one, roaming inside ourselves and around us, aimlessly until they find what they cannot explain – meaning, through revelation (inspiration).”

26 July 2021

“Reason cries out its limitations. Reason itself, through its inclination towards exploration and discovery, requires, if not demands, an upper infinite limit to itself; that contradictory notion (infinite limit) of reason is achieved through revelation and belongs to mysticism.”

28 July 2021

“I now know that there is no such thing as death – there never was. Death exists only as a concept but not as a process, material or spiritual. It is what we named that part where the Known and the Unknown meet.

Death is a border but a border which does not mark anything. We placed it there in an attempt to make some order: as we turned away from the true knowledge achieved not via questions but through inspiration, we found ourselves surrounded by nothing and everything. Overwhelmed, we despaired for something to grip: and we invented this barrier – death – so we can hold on to it as a benchmark. An illusion: the barrier does not exist.”

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