An Important Announcement

An Important Announcement

Going forward, the purpose of this website will shift considerably. Its main focus will be to develop the dialectic of freedom, as explained by Nicholas Berdyaev in his magnificent study of Dostoevsky’s work, entitled simply Dostoevsky…

A good father: simple man.

Why I would not make a good father

I need to understand where my anti-natalism comes from. Although I do believe that to some extent it is informed by my observations of the external reality, there is an inner aspect to it that I shall reveal here – for my own benefit primarily, but maybe others can see themselves in what I am about to related as well…

Abortion is a choice

Abortion: A Matter of Principle But Always a Choice

Abortion is always a matter of principle, but always remains a choice. This essay makes the case for pro-choice on Christian and liberal grounds…

Two men dancing on a black and white background, intimacy, love, meaning

On Intimacy: Between Body and Soul

God is dead. So we were told. Nature is dying. So we are told. Communities are vanishing. So we are told. Where then can we find meaning? In the relationship between oneself and another person. Intimacy is key for such a relationship to develop. This essay argues this case…

Mein Kampf The Communist Manifesto White Fragility

On “dangerous” books: Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto & White Fragility

It is very dangerous for a society to be blind to its dark side. As such, reading “dangerous” books like Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto and White Fragility is a must. However, it matters how one reads them…

Pietà by Michelangelo in a Secular World

Western civilisation and religion in a secular age

Can the Western civilisation be secular? Can religion and God be replaced by manmade alternatives like humanism and socialism? This essay traces the recent polls on this matter and looks back at history to learn how the spiritual abyss of the Western world has been produced…

The Butoh Dance: From Rebellion to Tradition in Japan

The interesting birth of Japanese butoh dance, its link to Yukio Mishima’s work and the important role of tradition in maintaining alive our unique identity in order to create the universality of civilisation…

Hollywood Elite are Woke

Hardcore Posers

“Grimes might have made an innocent joke that attracted the attention of newspapers and the social media crowds, but the prank was an echo of something much deeper among some of the most successful and wealthy people on the planet…”

Florence at sunset


Nostalgia, or the aching to return home. This article explores this concept in-depth, starting with Tarkovsky’s masterpiece, “Nostalghia”…

Roger Scruton

The Life and Legacy of Sir Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton FBA FRSL (1944-2020) was a writer and philosopher who published more than forty books in philosophy, aesthetics, and politics…

What does wild mean to us

What does “Wild” mean ?

“Wild and free”, “wild nature”, “into the wild”, “wild spirit”, “wild animal”, wilderness […] a world of overwhelming beauty that deeply speaks to each one of us…

Importance of names

Give your children meaningful names

It may not seem like much but naming your child with a name that has a story that inspires, a name which fits their energy, words that carry history…

We all live in Edward Hopper’s paintings

Loneliness is wide spread in the modern world, affecting men and women of all ages. Despite having a lot more than any other civilisation, we have a lot less of what matters…

sky melancholic

The Function of Beauty

“Beauty helps us transcend the human condition, opening the doors of an unlimited and universal world of here and now”…

Albert Camus

The Fall

“The Fall is a brilliant portrayal of a man who has lost his innocence and glimpsed the emptiness of his life, yet is happy to die”. This is a short literary commentary on “perhaps the finest and least understood” of Camus’s books” as Sartre said.

On the silver globe cover image

On The Silver Globe

A review of On The Silver Globe by Polish movie director Andrzej Żuławski. Vice called the movie “the best Sci-Fi movie never made”. It is indeed a journey to the core of humanity.

What the day owes the night

Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

“What the day owes the night”, screened by French director Alexandre Arcady, is based on a story written by Algerian author, Yasmina Khadra. The movie was recommended to me by a good friend with whom I reconnected recently after 15 years, by chance.

What if the hippies were right?

We burn ourselves to hell for the future, and the hippies saw that. Congratulations to us on our evolutionary advantage over everything except ourselves.

What is to be done then?

The Vatican

La Grande Bellezza

A review of one of the greatest movies ever made, which celebrates the squalor and beauty of human life. La Grande Bellezza is a lesson about what it means to be human…

generic art

Zdzisław Beksiński

“Meaning is meaningless to me. I do not care for symbolism and I paint what I paint without meditating on a story.” Zdzisław Beksiński (1981)