May 22, 2022

4 thoughts on “Creating the “New Man”: Marxist Re-education under Communism and in the West today | Full Report

  1. I am still mid this article but wanted to say “thank you” for writing it adn for putting in all of the research an homework it took to make happen…as well, I’d like to acknowledge your courage in doing so…not easy material to look at in the main, but important to understand for my edification. -Ray

    1. Thank you Ray, for the kind words. I hope you find it useful. It is indeed a difficult topic to go through but it is of crucial importance to see it for what it is in order to reject it and thus to prevent further damage to be done to the individual, especially to those who are not yet fully developed to think for themselves, i.e. children (you should see the latest from James Lindsay as he goes into the critical theory applied to education in a lot of detail).

  2. Well Done!!! Very useful information to help us fight the battle to save freedom and democracy in the Western world!

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