Contradictions, Unity and Rebellion

Contradictions, Unity and Rebellion

June 1, 2021 2 By Anton

All that you read here are my thoughts.

07 May 2021

“The individual can only exist through contradictions – once one has leaned over too much on this side or the other, once one has developed a set of values, a philosophy of life, once one has allied with a political framework and embraced a code of morality, then one is on the path of ceasing to be an individual. The individual is always good and evil, life and death, existence and non-existence, expressing the world through their actions, just like the world expresses itself in them”.

08 May 2021

“The status quo does change. The fight against the system or the establishment must always be updated because the socio-economic machinery of laws and bullets also evolves. Names and ideas of those in power change, their tactics change and so do the tools they use to spy, control and maintain their positions in the system. The status quo of yesterday is not the same today: those who were once enemies can become allies and vice versa. The duty of an anti-establishment movement is to keep opposing whatever the status quo is: there is never a settling down with the current system”.

09 May 2021

“A lot of the troubles in society are manufactured by those with an interest in keeping things volatile, when in reality, chaos itself is tranquillity”.

11 May 2021

“There can be no civilisation without the savages who keep it from breaking itself apart”.

12 May 2021

“You have a duty towards what you create to bring it as close to completion as you can. It may take days or years, maybe decades, or even a lifetime”.

20 May 2021

“Refuse to be a follower of any previous philosophers and systems of thought. Read them all, or as many as you can, understand their perspectives and aims, put these into their respective historical context and see if any of them can explain some of the world today. But do not become their disciple, do not take their views or ways of constructing arguments (their logic) as universally correct or true, do not deify them for icons are the enemy of free minds and do not spend your life trying to make order in their ideas. Instead, aim to be original even if the cost is utter madness in the eyes of these thinkers or under their logic”.

25 May 2021

“People who think that they have something to lose and try to defend their titles, wealth or prospects by acting in a way that threatens to reduce not just their freedom but others’ freedom as well, they are your personal enemies, no matter who or where they are”.

28 May 2021

“To those who defame others after their death, may the Earth never take you back as your bones rot for nothing”.

31 May 2021

“Our philosophies / systems of thinking are too human orientated, too horizontal. We’re missing, dearly, a vertical perspective that connects the human being with the infinite unity of the Universe. In the absence of a vertical thinking structure, we are condemned to fall into totality: the same dream for unity, but projected among people only, leading to absolute control in the name of freedom”.