Category: Short Stories

The Poet with Bright Eyes

Into the wild edited image

Reading Time: 9 minutes Those who sell themselves to please the fashionable ways of the world shall find a fate worse than death for they shall have no peace in this life nor in the one after: regret is heavier than eternity…

The Red in the Sky is Ours

red sunset

Reading Time: 21 minutes Veronica, a prostitute, meets her high school love in the staircase of a Soviet-looking apartment bloc. They talk about love, evil and freedom under the cold of the night…

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Tree at Sunset

Reading Time: 5 minutes “[…] I will never forgive those who sold out love for their mortality.” Cherry Blossom is a short story about a man mourning the loss of his lover, a soldier who died after five years in a comma…

The last days of shepherds

shepherd with sheep black and white image

Reading Time: 5 minutes The last days of shepherds were upon the world. A new dawn had arrived, a new civilisation built on illusions and emptiness had spawned – and it was going to be magnificent…

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