16 Years of Detention

This is the first part of Alexandru Ratiu’s book, The Stolen Church. It details the abuses the communist regime committed against Greek-Catholics who were imprisoned and sent to forced labour camps, while also treated inhumanely and often brutally.

The Arrest
Alexandru Ratiu was arrested on 29 October 1948. He spent 16 years in the communist prisons and gulags in Romania. This is the first article …
The Prisons
This article is a continuation of "The Arrest", which you can read in the Project 1989 page, The Stolen Church: 16 Years of Detention. It …
The Forced Labour Camps
"The prisoners spent three years in that labour camp. The only way to survive that was to accept that there was a higher power above …
“After 16 years spent in prisons and forced labour camps, with the exception of those ten months of freedom between 1955-1956, I was finally free”.