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Resources about Totalitarianism

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Hitler and Stalin have committed genocides, yet one is hated and one is seen by some as a fighter for socialist justice
A detailed report of why socialism maintains its appeal especially among young Westerners
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The Chinese Communist Party celebrating its 100 years in 2021
A page dedicated to the Tiananmen Square massacre of Fourth June 1989
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Identity Marxism, or Woke-ism (Wokeness) is a strain of Marxism that combines postmodernism, Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory
The history of Woke-ism or Identity Marxism: 100+ years of radical Left-wing ideology
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The communists attempted to destroy the Greek-Catholic Church in Romania.
Translated parts from the book written by Greek-Catholic priest, Alexandru Ratiu

Book and Newsletter

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The Chain is a psychological novel inspired by real life events.
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The Politics of Culture is a newsletter on the ideas that shape our culture.

Economics and Finance

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Theological Matters

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Image of Hitler and Stalin

Why many young Westerners hate Hitler but are unsure about Stalin? | Full Report

Reading Time: 48 minutes Orwell noted in 1944 that English intellectuals rejected Hitler at the cost of accepting Stalin. Hitler remains a symbol of evil and justly so. Stalin however, as a figure of international socialism, or communism, remains an uncertain name in the mind of many Westerns. This report explores why this is the case…

The role of faith in the age of space exploration: how can humanity deal with the infinite unknown?

Reading Time: 19 minutes As humanity approaches a new age of space exploration, this essay argues that reason, imagination and intuition are not enough for us to explore space humanely and to avoid disasters. Faith is also necessary to guide us through the infinite unknown…

flowers on a field

The Genealogy of Colours

Reading Time: 14 minutes Helena, twelve years old, is a blind girl who wants to know what colours are. But how can we explain what colours are to someone who never saw them? Breaking the barrier of blindness, reaching into the realm of the soul, where the answers to every question lie…

Tiananmen Square protests 1989 China

The Tiananmen Square Protests and Massacre of 1989

Reading Time: 17 minutes “[…] when two lines of martial law troops drove their tanks from either side into the square, they were going well over 60 miles an hour. Completely insane. At the time, there were still 20,000, 30,000 people or more who hadn’t left the square. […]”

Fear and Loathing in Aspen

Reading Time: 9 minutes A review of Fear and Loathing in Aspen, a drama-documentary which follows Hunter S. Thompson’s campaign for the sheriff of Aspen in 1970. It is the second cinematographic creation, in the last twelve months, to depict the political adventure…

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